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We offer unique online reading, spelling, & handwriting courses that empower students, parents, and teachers to combine the Science of Reading with the Joy of Learning.






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Supporting Students and Teachers

Online courses that engage students and are less time-intensive for teachers!

Video Instruction

Engaging videos provide core content instruction for students or for teachers who want to use them as a model. Additional videos are being dripped into courses as they are created. New content now includes interactive video! 

Interactive Activities

Practice core content with online games and activities. These are an excellent supplement to workbook activities, independent student practice, or demonstrations on a smartboard.


The full online courses include PDFs of all the teacher and student materials. These courses are an alternative to purchase printed sets, and they are ideal for hybrid schools and online learning classes with parent instruction at home.

What our users say about us

The LOE Master Teacher Training helps instill confidence not only in teaching LOE, but in teaching children how to read. It is a powerful opportunity to learn about reading instruction and develop a framework for teaching reading that provides context for other literacy practices, materials, and ideas.
Sara Jewett
Primary Grades Pedagogy Expert BASIS Charter Schools
I know that I look at reading differently after the LOE training, and now I feel like I have the knowledge and motivation to bring that feeling to my students.
Jessica Gudmundson
3rd Grade Teacher
This training has been extremely valuable as I look forward to sharing the fascinating information that Logic of English is Foundational and Essential to Reading!
Glenda Erickson
Master Teacher Trainee
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