A complete phonics, reading, handwriting, and spelling program for ages 4-7. 

Foundations A-D

  • Physical copies of all needed materials
  • Can be used over multiple years with only new workbook purchases
  • Scripted lessons for face-to-face instruction
  • The teacher must be present for a majority of the lesson.

Online Supplement

  • Sing-Along Phonogram Songs with Foundations A, B, and C
  • Phonogram instruction and practice videos
  • Spelling Analysis and Handwriting Instruction Videos
  • Interactive Core content video lessons
  • Phonogram Memory, Phonogram Hear and Type, Phonogram Matching
  • Core content and spelling activities

Four Volumes

For the non-reader and emerging readers ages 4-7
For students who know all the sounds of A-Z and can read and spell short vowel words with consonant blends.
Reading for content.
For students ages 5-8 who have
completed Foundations B
For students who have completed Foundations C

Logic of English Foundations integrates all the skills into one program where each subject reinforces the others.

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