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Essentials Student Courses

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Interactive Video Lessons

  • Phonogram instruction and practice 
  • Grammar and vocabulary lessons
  • Spelling Analysis for Levels A and B
  • Spelling Journal instruction

Games and Activities

  • Phonogram & Decodable comprehension practice
  • Spelling, Grammar, & Vocabulary and spelling activities for Levels A and B
  • A wide variety of activities including: drag and drop, matching, & hear and type, crossword puzzles, fill in the blank, dictation and more! 

24/7 Access

All videos and activities at your fingertips for the full duration of your enrollment - 365 days. No recurring fees!

Essentials 1-30

  • Physical copies of all volume-specific and core materials.

  • Three levels of instruction: A, B, and C included!

  • Can be used over multiple years with only new workbook purchases.

  • Scripted lessons for face-to-face instruction.

  • Lessons are teacher-directed.

  • Offers three starting points to suit your student’s needs: Struggling Reader Set, Spelling Set, or After Foundations Set

Student Courses

Coming Nov 2021!!
  • Stand-alone digital equivalent to Level A and Level B of the Essential printed curriculum 
  • Interactive core lesson videos
  • Digital practice activities
  • PDF Assessments

Essentials + Reader

Digital Course
  • PDF copies of all physical materials 
  • PDF teacher-directed instruction for the Essentials Reader Set
  • PDF teacher-directed instruction for three levels - A, B, and C
  • Core lesson videos and activities for Levels A and B (included in Student Course)
  • Teacher-directed navigation provides two options for instruction (videos or scripted PDF), and two options for practice (digital activities or printed multi-sensory activities)


Digital Course
  • Free
  • Supplement to the printed set
  • Phonogram instruction and practice videos
  • Spelling Analysis Videos
Logic of English Essentials helps teachers differentiate instruction and facilitates teaching students with varying levels of skills or prior knowledge.
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One Curriculum, Four Volumes

3 Levels
Facilitates differentiating instruction! Levels A and B include video instruction and interactive content. A challenge level C is included in the printed sets and PDF materials.
5 Parts
Each Essentials lesson is comprised of five parts. Teach one part per day, or divide them into smaller chunks based on your student(s) and setting. Online courses include video instruction and interactive activities for Parts 1-4.
4 Volumes
Four volumes facilitate flexible pacing. Complete Essentials in one year or spread it across multiple years.
Skills Tour
Each Essentials’ Unit is a complete lesson about the structure of written English.   

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