Sample Lessons: Rhythm of Handwriting

Explore samples of both cursive and manuscript lessons of the innovative Rhythm of Handwriting curriculum.
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This course contains PDFs of the printed curriculum. Looking for full video lessons? 
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A Concise, Easy-to-Teach Approach to Teaching Fluid, Rhythmic Handwriting

Rhythm of Handwriting offers clear and simple instructions that guide students to legible, fluid handwriting through developmentally appropriate lessons. Available in two different handwriting styles: Cursive or Manuscript. 

Two Handwriting Styles


  • All lowercase letters begin on the baseline
  • Uppercase letters only connect to the next letter if they end on the baseline
  • The capital Q has been simplified to reflect the manuscript version
  • Letter formation is closely matched to the manuscript font to facilitate ease in transition from one to another
  • Designed for the human hand
  • Connected letters solves issues with spacing between letters and words


  • Most lowercase letters begin on the top line or midline to minimize the number of starting places
  • Letters are formed with minimal lifting of the pencil
  • Letters are slightly slanted
  • Letter formation is closely matched to our cursive style to facilitate ease in transition from one to the other

Teaching Both

Selecting which form of handwriting is best for the student may not always be straightforward. Logic of English suggests teaching cursive first because it requires fewer fine-motor movements and prevents reversals. However, systematic instruction is provided for both cursive and manuscript for increased student success.
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