Foundations B Lite

Strengthen reading and spelling skills! Videos for at-home practice, review, and teacher support.
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The videos in this course are included in Foundations B Online along with full core content video lessons, games and activities, PDF downloads, and more!
What you are going to LEARN

Phonograms and Spelling Analysis

These videos enable teachers to provide extra practice, at-home learning opportunities, and individualized review for Foundations B students. They’re also a great resource for parents wanting to support classroom learning at home.
Phonogram and Spelling Analysis videos can be used to supplement the printed sets. Students will be most successful with this course if they have learned the concepts taught in Foundations A. See our placement test below.

Phonogram Introduction Videos

Phonogram videos review all the sounds of A-Z and how to spell CVC words and words with consonant blends!

Phonogram Flash Card Practice

Basic Phonogram Flash Cards help practice mastery of sounds as new phonograms are added. 

Spelling Analysis Videos

Analyze the spelling of 90 words, helping them to develop in-depth knowledge of how and why words are read and spelled the way they are.

Not all students start at Foundations A. Take our placement test!

Course Contents

Scroll right to see the content included in each module. 

Denise Eide

Founder and President, Logic of English
My interest in teaching reading and spelling began when my twin sons struggled to learn how to read. Through my research to help them, I realized that my previous training in how to teach reading was inadequate. As I learned and taught the phonograms and spelling rules, I understood the implications to all students learning to read and spell, and I wanted to make a difference.  I started the company, Logic of English®, wrote Uncovering the Logic of English, and began developing curriculum and presentations to share what I have learned with others.